exploring mechanics



The dragons are migrating south for the winter, but you got left behind! Those pesky humans stole your magical dragoneye for it's mystical healing abilities.

  • Clear the clouds to explore the archipelago
  • Plunder villages to recover your dragoneye
  • Find the smokesignals left behind
  • Unlock abilities as you rank up
  • Upgrade your dragons

Go follow the smokesignals, and find your warm, cozy, dragon nest for the winter with the rest of your flock!


Every level takes place on a randomly generated grid of tiles. Grids are generated over three passes. First the goal is placed, then buildings (helpers and enemies), and lastly any empty spaces are populated with empty terrain (water or islands). Every tile, no matter the type, has two methods: act and react. While the naming convention isn't the best, the idea is that a tile will `react` after the player taps on it, and `act` on events specific to the type of the tile. So, for example, the Enemy class will react by taking damage and checking if it has died, and the act method will attack whenever the player taps on an adjacent tile.