Snippets for solving problems



BigNumber is a helper class for making big numbers human readable. This class provides a number under 4 digits long, as well as a text description of the order of magnitude. Instead of 1,000,000,000, this class can make an easy to read 1 Billion. The class contains a list of all order of magnitudes, and that list can be customized and expanded.


CurMax is a helper class for dealing with int values which have a maximum possible value. For example, player health can have both a max value and a current value and the current should never exceed the max or go under 0.


MeshPerlinNoiseMaker is a little experiment in generating perlin noise on the surface of a plane. While this code itself is effectively useless, it can applied to an array or something else as a basis for procedural generation.



List Extensions are mostly various methods of accessing random elements in a list, as well as some added queue style functionality.


Transform Extensions make it easy to destroy all children of a given Transform.


Vector Extensions provides property setting functions as well as the ability to easily calculate the midpoint between two vectors.